If the cat is always bored, it can also affect her health

The cat is, in its essence, a hunter and a dynamic animal that must have a way to show its true nature. If it’s bored – behavioral disorders will occur.

Behavior of cats can often deceive both pet owners and experts who observe exactly how these animals behave. It is widely known that the cat is mostly active at night, that it is a night hunter and that it is spent in most of the days. However, in collaboration and coexistence with man, their behavior changed over time. Thus, our cats, like pets, began to adapt to the behavior and daily activities of a man, gaining slowly the characteristics that are not in their nature.


Of course, such a change in behavior began to cause some kind of disturbances over time.

Computational disorders in cats’ behavior are largely a consequence of rhythm change (night-day), but can also be due to the lack of daily events (boredom). The cat is, in its essence, a hunter and a dynamic animal that must have a way to show its true nature.


Changes in behavior usually begin to manifest when changes occur in the environment of a cat that do not correspond to its nature or environmental changes that are caused by external factors. Disorders usually occur when a place where the cat is placed food or where there is sand for carrying out the emergency, as well as in cases of relocation and any other change of space.


Symptoms of altered cats’ behavior in relation to compulsive and obsessive disorders are primarily reflected in incidents of urgency (urination from the sand or extreme urgency at various places in the apartment), in continuous licking of fur, which in time can lead to serious health problems (skin disorders, digestion disorders), then in constant vocalization (macaque) for which there is no visible reason in communication, in continuous biting of furniture, chewing fabrics and excessive food intake. One of the most common disorders observed is the imitation of the mother’s sucking, which the cat can work on either a fabric or some part of the body of the owner (continuous finger or palm fingers).

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