Do cats see in total darkness?

Cats are fascinating animals, and people have different powers for centuries. Belief that cats have nine lives or transmit the souls of the dead to another world are legends long ago, but many cats are perceived as mystical creatures with super powers. Do cats really have super-powerful eyesight in dead darkness?

The answer to this question is no. Cats can not see in full darkness, but their vision is much more pronounced in halftone than in other animals. This structure is directly responsible for the structure of the cat’s eye.

In relation to the size of the head, the cat has extremely large eyes. Anatomically observed cat’s eye consists of several layers of tissue. The white part, that is, the candlestick consists of thick fibrous tissue rich in blood vessels, through which the oxygen and nutrients are transferred to the contents of the eye. The outer part clearly overlaps the eye and is called the cornea. It is composed of extremely thin layers of cells arranged in a unique way, so that the cornea is transparent and allows the light to enter the eye intact.

The cat in the midnight can wide open the eyes, ie iris (colored part of the eye) and thus “miss” as more light is possible. This ability allows her to see much better in the dark compared to other animals and of course people. Also, the retina (the back of the eye) consists of two main types of photo-sensitive cells. Cells responsible for light pulses are called rods. Comparison for the human eye has 5 cells has 4 photos of sensitive cells or sticks, while the cat around 26 cells has 25 wands.

Also, cats have a highly developed reflecting surface at the back of the eye and this is scientifically called “tapetum lucidum”. Simply put, because of that, cats have bright eyes in the dark. These night “headlights” include deer, raccoon and some other animals.

The next time you leave a cat in a dark dorm in a flat thinking that it has a super powerful night vision, know that she does not see anything unless she has the smallest light source at all.

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