Cigarette smoke has a detrimental effect on your cat’s health

How many cigarettes and tobacco smoke have a detrimental effect on people’s health has long been known, but recent studies and studies have shown that this habit and addiction can endanger the health of pets. American scientists have determined that depending on age and other factors, cats exposed to passive smoking may have up to twice as many chances of illness.

– Similar to humans, cats exposed to tobacco smoke are more susceptible to asthma, respiratory illness, inflammation of the lungs, and other viral infections. The problem is even greater because cats breathe much faster than humans.

– According to a study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, cats living in the household with the owner who smokes a pack or more a day are three times more likely to suffer from serious lymphoma than cats living with the owner of a non-smoker. If they are exposed to tobacco smoke for five or more years, the risk is tripled. If there are even two smokers living in the house, the cat will have a four times greater chance of getting sick from some form of cancer.

– Apart from the smoke of tobacco smoke, the danger lies in the fumes. Cats are very playful and curious by nature, so they will easily find or extract some peanuts from the floor or other place. The tobacco, nicotine and toxic substances sinking, which even in small quantities can lead to the death of a cat.

– Cats are washed daily and kept their own fur, and by lying in their organism, they can enter toxic substances that remain on their hair. By introducing tar in small quantities for several years, the cat can get cancer of the mouth and lymph nodes. Veterinarians emphasize that in addition to carcinogenic diseases, passive smoking can cause other problems such as diarrhea, vomiting, difficulty breathing and heart problems.

Owners should endeavor if they can not or do not want to quit smoking, not to fall into the cigarette in the room where the cat is staying, to frequent the apartment and not leave a full pixel at the reach of curious whispers.

Are you a smoker and how do you protect your pet from toxic tobacco smoke?

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