An exotic shorthair cat-simply irresistible

Exotic short-haired cat or so-called Exotica is a newer breed born in the 1960s in the US by crossing a Persian and short-haired American cat. A cat like plush toys of short but soft silky fur, compact material, full faces and, in many, sweetened facial expressions, quickly attracted the attention of many. This cat has become known as the Persian for lazivci.

THE ORIGIN – An exotic cat was created after a long-standing crossover of the American short-haired and Persian cat. The inspiration for this new race was always a popular and sought-after persian which would be a little less demanding for caring. Some sources state that in later work on the development of the race there was also crossing with the Burmese and Russian blue cat. At the beginning of this cat they encountered various reactions and the question is whether this race would now be recognized and acknowledged by the judge of the felinological association Jane Martinke. After deciding to continue to develop the race, a name dispute was held for some time. It was first suggested that the race bears the name sterling because of the intense silver color of the hair. However, it was decided that the race be an exotic shorthand. It was recognized in America in 1966, and recognized by the International Felinological Association in 1986.

PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS – Exotic is very similar to the persian cat. The material is strong, massive muscular body and wide chest, but good proportions. The neck is brush and strong, the head is round. The legs are muscular strong and short and paws are round with fingers between the fingers. The head is massive, broad and broad, the nose is short and fatter, full cheeks, a strong jaw, and the broad and chin is well developed. The eyes are large and round well-spaced, and the color of the eyes is protected by the color of the fur. The ears are small, wide-set, slightly leaning forward, and the tops are rounded. The tail is a short and rounded tip.

FUR – short, very dense and soft, not popular with the skin. All variants of fur and eye color permitted in Persian cats are permitted in exotic ones. The hair can be white, black, blue, red, cream, silver, turtle (blue, black), all the samples are tabby, shaded, colorpoint, tabby point, color point.

TEMPERAMENT – These cats are very gentle, very impressive and attached to the owner, ie family. Quiet wonder, quiet loyalty and laziness. Although they inherited many traits from Persian cats, this race is much more playful and lives than its long-haired ancestor. Intelligent, curious and playful. They like comfort, house and play. They are indifferent to foreigners, and they are friendly to other cats and dogs.

CARE AND HEALTH – Exotic shorthair cat has fur that is easy to maintain. It is recommended that regular brushing and combing be done once a week. It is said that the race is very resistant and good health, but since it has inherited some of the “bad” characteristics of persian cats, problems such as clogging of the tear ducts, narrowed nostrils and teeth problems can occur. With good nutrition and care, the life span of these cats is 15 and very often and more.

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