5 things you do not know about the Russian blue cat

The Russian blue cat is best known for its beautiful blue-gray hairs, but it is less known that this race is very friendly and easy to maintain. They can be quite picky about the owner and give their love most to the family member who likes them most. They are very intelligent and easy to entertain, so it is not surprising that the character from the cartoon Tom and Jerry, the gray cat Tom inspired by the Russian blue cat.

We present five things you probably did not know about the Russian Blue Cat:

1. Their salivary and sebum sardines much less protein, which in many people causes unpleasant allergic reactions, so the Russian blue cat is considered a hypoallergenic race.

2. Although they are very popular due to the beautiful color of hair, few people know that this race is almost not scratching at all. If you do not want to collect your hair around the apartment, Russian blue is the right choice. Brushing is necessary only once a week because they themselves keep fur. Long-standing specimens of this race are very rare.

3. Russian blue cat is a very healthy and long-lived race. Their lifetime is about 20 years, which is very impressive. Rarely when they are suffering from any medical disorder. They are genetically very resistant, and it is up to you to provide adequate care and proper nutrition.

4. This race is intensely dedicated and gentle towards the owners, and incredibly shy and distrustful to the strangers. If you often have guests, let her come in and find out the situation. Do not push her into unfamiliar people because the reaction can be turbulent.

5. Russian blue is a rather playful and intelligent being. He can learn complex and difficult tricks and is often considered a dog among cats. The comparisons for this cat are enjoyed by bringing the objects you have previously dumped as “doggy” dogs.

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